Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - PJJA

What is this program and who are you affiliated with?

TITLE: Professional Juvenile Justice Administrator (PJJA)

The Professional Juvenile Justice Administrator - Certification Program is hosted by the: National Juvenile Court Services Association Certification Project (NJCSA).  This certification program is designed for those members who occupy administrative positions within the field of juvenile justice administration. In the past, those who have embarked upon certification had to meet a substantial number of training hours via classroom instruction. These courses could be taken in Reno at the offices of the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges, where basic courses in management have been offered, or at special management training programs at the National Conference on Juvenile Justice. As a consequence of limited resources, many who initiated the certification process have been unable to attend these programs and, thus, meeting certification requirements has been constrained. Additionally, as certification programs of various professional groups have been reviewed, it has been found that the NJCSA program lacks a certain degree of professionalism in that:

  • Every student has not learned the same material
  • There has been no final examination and/or research paper to determine student learning and/or administrative skills
  • There has been no re-certification process in place.

As a consequence of the above, it is our belief that a more stringent certification program can be developed, especially to include distance learning courses that will be available to all possible applicants since they will not have to travel to sites for all of the required courses.

Who is eligible for this Program?

Anyone can take our courses, but to to receive the PJJA certificate you must complete certain criteria outside of course work. 

What are the requirements to obtain the PJJA certificate?

To receive the PJJA certification, you must possess the following at the end of your coursework:
  1. NJCSA Membership
  2. 3 Years experience as an administrator/manager (Administrator defined as one who supervises staff)
  3. 2 Letters of Reference
  4. Bachelor's Degree (can be obtained while taking PJJA courses) 
  5. University Transcript (Student Copy Acceptable)
  6. Curriculum Vitae
  7. Completion of:
  • 4 Core Competency Courses
  • 2 elective courses 
  • A Final Examination (Proctored and based on required courses only)

Note: the above documents are ONLY required once all course work is completed.  These documents are NOT a prerequisite for taking individual courses.  There are NO course prerequisites.  

How Do I Apply?

Online course registration information is posted prominently on our homepage.  Once you have complete several courses, NJCSA support will contact you regarding completing your PJJA certification  

What Courses are Offered?


  • Overview of Juvenile Justice Management Critical Competencies
  • Juvenile Justice Planning: Directing The Future 
  • Dynamic Leadership in Juvenile Justice Management
  • Thriving in a Changing Environment


  • Good and Bad in Juvenile Justice: Making Ethical Decisions
  • Motivating and Recognizing Employees
  • Trends in Juvenile Justice Management (Re-certification Course)
  • The History of Juvenile Justice
  • Legal Liabilities in Juvenile Justice Management 
  • Wraparound Services (no longer offered)
  • Technology Leadership for Juvenile Justice Administrators (no longer offered) 

How Much Do Courses Cost?

$249.00 per PJJA course.

How Long Are The Courses?

All courses are 5 weeks in duration. Time commitment will vary from person to person, but expect 2-3 hours per week. 

Is There a TimeLimit To Obtain The Certificate?

Yes - the PJJA certificate must be completed in 3 years.

Is There a Re-Certification Requirement?

Yes - Re-Certification is required every two (2) years based on anniversary.  Re-Certification requires: 

  • Completion of (1) re-certification course.

How Are Courses Graded?

All courses are offered on a Pass/Fail. 

Who Do I Contact For Support Or Additional Questions?

Ken Gibson - NJCSA Certification Manager
Toll-Free Phone : 1-888-FOR-PJJA (1-888-367-7552)
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