Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - PJJM

What is this program and who are you affiliated with?

TITLE: Professional Juvenile Justice Manager (PJJM)

Te National Juvenile Court Services Association (NJCSA) is very much aware that everyone in the justice administration field is concerned with and committed to the professional growth of staff. As a result of the clear recognition of the value and need for improved performance and as a consequence of the successful Professional Juvenile Justice Administrator (PJJA) certification educational program, the National Juvenile Court Services Association has created the Professional Juvenile Justice Manager (PJJM) training effort.

PJJM, created through funding by the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP), is a series of state-of-the-art, computer-based, online training courses, all written by experts in the justice administration field. These training courses have been developed in consultation with executives in criminal and juvenile justice administration and reflect the needs of the field with regard to enhanced service delivery systems.

In developing PJJM, NJCSA recognizes the expense of classroom training and the efficacy of online training - a system now widely being utilized in government and industry. Each online course is designed to be completed within two weeks and includes basic lecture material, specialized readings, and self-assessment questions.

The cost for each course is nominal and significant discounts will be available to agencies registering five or more staff persons regardless of courses selected. All students will receive continuing-education-unit (CEU) training credits as approved by each state. The program also is designed to provide professional certification for supervisors in the field. The American Probation and Parole Association (APPA) will be certifying courses.

Who is eligible for this Program?

Anyone can take our courses, but to to receive the PJJM certificate you must complete certain criteria outside of course work. 

What are the requirements to obtain the PJJM certificate?

To receive the PJJM certification, you must possess the following at the end of your coursework:
  1. NJCSA Membership
  2. Completion of the following PJJM courses:
  • 4 Core Competency Courses
  • 3 elective courses 

How Do I Apply?

Online course registration information is posted prominently on our homepage.  Once you have complete several courses, NJCSA support will contact you regarding completing your PJJM certification.  

What Courses are Offered?

  • Avoiding Burnout (by Zakiya A. Khalfani)
  • Budgeting (by Louis Biondi)
  • Case Planning (by Melissa Pitts-Cutler)
  • Coaching (by Zakiya A. Khalfani)
  • Drug-Detection Technologies (by George B. Drake)
  • Elements of a Successful Home Detention (by George B. Drake)
  • Grant Writing (by Louis G. Biondi)
  • Grant Writing (by Zakiya A. Khalfani)
  • Implementing Evidence-Based Programs (by Michael E. Noyes)
  • Interagency Collaboration (by Michael E. Noyes)
  • Leadership (by Zakiya A. Khalfani)
  • Legal Issues (by Anton L. Iamele)
  • Life Cycle of an Employee (by Dale McCoy) CORE COURSE
  • Media Relations (by JaneĆ© M. Pelletier)
  • Mentoring (by Zakiya A. Khalfani)
  • Offender Tracking (by George B. Drake)
  • Performance Management Continuum (by Dale McCoy) CORE COURSE
  • Probation (by Alvin W. Cohn)
  • Program Evaluation (by Alvin W. Cohn)
  • Report Writing (by Alvin W. Cohn) CORE COURSE
  • Risk Assessment (by Margaret Conway)
  • Sex Offenders (by Hank Cellini)
  • Staff Supervision and Development (by George S. Tsagaris) CORE COURSE
  •  Supervisor (by Alvin W. Cohn)
  • Team Building (by Zakiya A. Khalfani)
  • Time Management (by Melissa Pitts-Cutler)
  • Tools of Ethical Reasoning (by Felicia Cohn)
  • Working With Culturally Diverse Staff (by George S. Tsagaris)
  • Writing an RFP (by Louis G. Biondi)

How Much Do Courses Cost?

$59.00 per PJJM course.

How Long Are The Courses?

PJJM courses require 5-10 hours to complete, depending on the student.  Instruction is self-paced and can be completed at any time. 

Is There a TimeLimit To Obtain The Certificate?

Yes - the PJJM certificate must be completed in 3 years.

Is There a Re-Certification Requirement?

Yes - Re-Certification is required every two (2) years based on anniversary.  Re-Certification requires: 

  • Completion of (1) PJJM re-certification course.

How Are Courses Graded?

All courses are offered on a Pass/Fail. 

Who Do I Contact For Support Or Additional Questions?

Ken Gibson - NJCSA Certification Manager
Toll-Free Phone : 1-888-FOR-PJJA (1-888-367-7552)
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