Course Description
This course is designed to assist the new probation/parole officer with the basic concepts of effective report writing and can serve as a refresher for experienced officers. Successful writing of reports and the completion of forms according to the policies and procedures of the agency serve as historical records of events, transactions, and occurrences. If not recorded completely and in a timely manner, the writer inevitably will have a memory lapse. Proper report writing can serve the writer well when testimony in court is required. This course will deal with the Seven (7) Essentials, and Five (5) Requirements of effective writing. Common errors in report writing will also be reviewed.

Learning Objectives

  • Define what is meant by a report
  • Explore the significance of Critical Incidents
  • Identify the Seven Essentials of a report
  • Identify the Five Requirements of a report
  • Identify why reports are utilized in court proceedings
  • List at least five hints for effective report writing
  • List at least three historical factors that affect the writing of investigative reports in probation/parole.