Course Description
The Performance Management Continuum is an attempt to provide you with a clear set of principles and practices that will enable you to manage your workforce more effectively by bringing out the best in your staff while correcting performance that is less than acceptable.

In these five modules, you will have an opportunity to take stock of your current set of management tools and acquire new ones. You will learn how you can make your work life easier by setting clear expectations for employees, then responding appropriately to reinforce the behavior and results you want to see more of, or constructively mitigating behaviors that are counter-productive.

Learning Objectives
  • Provide examples of workplace behaviors and where those behaviors fall on the Performance Management Continuum.
  • Determine appropriate response to workplace behaviors that meet, fail to meet, or exceed performance expectations.
  • Identify the four situations in which it is important to clearly and effectively set performance expectations.
  • Describe and apply the five keys for effectively setting performance expectations.
  • Explain the difference between rewards and recognition, and identify when to use each or both in combination.
  • Create and deliver a Three-Part Recognition Statement.
  • Identify the five most-common feedback mistakes.
  • Distinguish differences between constructive feedback and other types of feedback such as criticism or advice.
  • Create a P.O.I.N.T! constructive feedback message, deliver it to someone back on the job, then post a description of the event in a Forum.
  • List examples of “downhill behaviors” and “one time is once too many” behaviors,” and explain differences between the two.