Course Description
This course will provide the student with an understanding of the process of developing a request for proposal (RFP), a critical step in the overall contracting process. The course covers the implications of entering into a contractual relationship, which alters the powers and authority of the agency director to hire contractors for products and services. The course also covers the significant differences between contracting for goods or products and contracting for services, including the implications of leasing versus purchasing goods or products. Students will learn the steps that need to be taken in organizing a contract team that will have input into the RFP and gathering information from other sources that will help in developing a quality RFP. The course will guide students through the process of defining the requirements for the products or services being sought by their agency, setting priorities for those requirements, and developing measures to assess the contractor’s performance once the contract is awarded. Finally, the course will cover developing the RFP, offering both general guidance and recommendations for those sections that should be included in most RFPs and the format of the RFP.

Learning Objectives

  • Define the purposes of using an RFP and the implications of contracting versus using in-house resources
  • Determine whether a lease agreement contract or purchase contract is the most appropriate vehicle for obtaining products
  • Understand the process of establishing the requirements for the product or services that they plan to acquire through the RFP process
  • Successfully organize a team to develop the RFP and understand why each team member is important to the overall success of the contracting process
  • Develop measures that accurately reflect contractor performance under the contract terms
  • Understand, in general terms, those key issues that must be addressed in writing an RFP
  • Understand those sections that should be included in all RFPs and the purpose of their inclusion