Course Description: Working with Culturally Diverse Staff is a follow-up course to the PJJM course - Staff Supervision and Staff Development, which is an introductory and core course in the PJJM curriculum. It is viewed as an important and crucial elective in the PJJM Program. This online course focuses on the requirements of new and current supervisors who must be come culturally competent in working with diverse staff in today’s pluralistic workplace in the juvenile justice field. Becoming a culturally competent supervisor is an ongoing task, and process.

Learning Objectives: Upon completion of this curse the participant will have demonstrated the ability to:

  • Understand and describe their responsibilities as a culturally competent supervisor within a diverse workforce.
  • Apply the culturally responsive and sensitive conditions to effective teaching and learning, as well as adult learning principles in the supervision of employees.
  • Explain the differences between human resources management, staff supervision and staff development, staff motivational leadership and staff performance management.
  • Understanding the culturally barriers to effective teaching and adult learning in staff supervision.
  • Understanding the characteristics of effective learner behaviors, and becoming culturally sensitive in this process.
  • Understand and describe the significance of working with culturally divesre staff in the supervisee and supervisor relationship for staff supervision and staff development.