Course Description
Mentoring is an opportunity to help a person grow through discovery. It requires effective development of activities and projects related to current and future performance expectations. Mentoring requires the unique ability to recognize potential skill and ability in others that is worthy of development. A good mentor possesses an innate ability to motivate and inspire others to achieve their goals. Effective mentors have the ability, the knowledge, and the sensitivity to generate an adaptive style according to the individual and circumstances at hand. This course will concentrate on these critical elements and key characteristics of becoming an effective mentor. At the successful conclusion of this course, each student will be able to apply these principles and become an effective mentor.

Learning Objectives

  • The student will learn the difference between mentoring and coaching.
  • The student will learn mentoring behaviors to adopt or avoid.
  • The student will develop an understanding of how mentoring works in today’s workplace.
  • The student will be able to maintain a quality mentoring relationship.