Course Description
This course is twofold. The student will first be challenged to examine himself or herself and his or her intrinsic motivations. To that end, the student will be required to perform an activity before beginning the reading material and periodically throughout the first half of the lesson. The reason for this requirement is that an understanding of personal traits and values affects one’s job performance just as much as understanding and possessing the necessary skills and abilities to do the job. The activities are designed to accomplish the desired level of self-evaluation and understanding needed as a foundation on which to apply the more practical tools that facilitate time management.

Once the self-examination is completed, the student will then be provided fundamental principles to properly organize and prioritize his or her work. The emphasis is not only on altering one’s actions but also on understanding and deciding whether one can and will adjust one’s thoughts and values so that new behaviors can be instilled. If the student is diligent with the first portion of the material and exercises, it will greatly enhance what he or she gains from the material and most certainly enable the student to improve his or her ability to effectively manage the time spent fulfilling work responsibilities.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify personal thinking errors regarding time management.
  • Identity salient motivational factors in your life.
  • Identify a minimum of three career goals.
  • Identify a minimum of three personal goals.
  • Implement the appropriate practical tools to assist with managing time.
  • Define the four ways work is prioritized.
  • Cause a paradigm shift toward working more effectively.