Course Description
Team building is not a one-day offsite activity. Rather, it is a series of activities designed to motivate employees to complete tasks as a team. To do this, the supervisor or manager must successfully identify the 10 characteristics of a well-functioning team. The supervisor must develop a skill set in motivating his or her employees to ensure that all team members have the “big picture” or global understanding of the project at hand.

Before you can build a cohesive team, individual team members must understand their own values and ways to connect with others. In this course, the student will learn skills to communicate more effectively to minimize misunderstandings and conflict and build a sense of value to the project. The student will take his or her individual strengths to build group identity. He or she will learn to create a team mission statement, ground rules, and a plan to foster trust and morale that will lead the team to success.

Learning Objectives

  • The student will learn guidelines for establishing an effective team.
  • The student will identify the 10 characteristics of a well-functioning team.
  • The student will learn the components of an effective team mission statement.
  • The student will learn five keys to motivating employees.
  • The student will learn interpersonal communication skills.