Course Description
This survey of media relations in the workplace is designed to equip juvenile justice personnel with a practical set of skills to increase self-confidence and effectiveness when interacting with members of the print or web media. Major topics include differentiating between inbound and outbound media relations, developing standard responses to routine media inquiries, interviewing techniques, cultivating media contacts, and creating a media communications plan.

Learning Objectives 
  • Understand media relations as it relates to his/her specific job function.
  • Describe the difference between inbound and outbound media relations and identify when each might be used.
  • Develop a set of standard responses for routine media inquiries.
  • Demonstrate increased self-confidence and competency to respond to unsolicited media inquiries.
  • Conduct a professional media interview.
  • Develop a media contact list appropriate for his/her role and geographic location.
  • Write and disseminate a descriptive, concise, and locally focused press release.
  • Engage in appropriate follow-up activities to encourage favorable media coverage.