Course Description:
Staff Supervision and Staff Development is an introductory and core course in the PJJM curriculum. It is a required course for a certificate in the PJJM Program. This online course focuses on the requirements of new and current supervisors in the juvenile justice field. Special emphasis is placed on the Probation and Corrections Manager who is the link pin to the administrative component of the organization. These supervisors interface with the direct service staff. Becoming a supervisor is a difficult task, and requires realigning oneself from previous co-workers to the team leader and management. This course will provide core curriculum required of all beginning and current supervisors in the juvenile justice field.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand and describe their role in staff supervision and staff development.
  • Apply the conditions to effective teaching and learning, as well as adult learning principles in the supervision of employees.
  • Explain the differences between human resources management, staff supervision and staff development, staff motivational leadership and staff performance management.
  • Understanding the barriers to effective teaching and adult learning in staff supervision.
  • Understanding the characteristics of effective learner behaviors.
  • Understand and describe the significance of the supervisee and supervisor relationship for staff supervision and staff development.
  • Draft an outline explaining how to apply what they have learned in the course and how what has been learned can be applied to their organization.
  • *Demonstrate competency in the educational supervision of a staff person through one-on-one or group supervision (required of students interested in certification).